Monday, August 13, 2012

Catching Up / Houston Breweries

I wanted to fill people in on the goings-on in my life, at least those that relate somehow to beer.

Our son was born on March 20, 2012. He is an amazing blessing to us both. Without adding details, I stopped nursing at around three-and-a-half months; I was sad, but as a nice parting gift, I can now try new beers without worry or obsessive-compulsive timing.

I get to take a business trip in September to Sao Paolo, Brazil - WOOHOO - so I'm excited to try the local cervejas. Hopefully while I'm there I will be able to jot down some tasting notes.

We've got our DR12 bombers nestled into our wine chiller for the long haul. Ideally, I'd love to drink it on our ten year anniversary, which would mean it had aged just over five years. We'll see if it lasts that long (not holding my breath).

We got to go see a Sugarland Skeeters game recently, which meant a perfect excuse to visit Flying Saucer Sugarland (with the Saint Arnolds crew). I didn't think to take tasting notes, but I know I tried Moose Drool (which was smooth and malty) and the 15th Anniversary from Real Ale (which was yummy but VERY STRONG).

Also, thanks to our local beer supporter, Rockwell Tavern, I got to sample the 16th Anniversary doppelbock from Real Ale, as well as Wit da eff from Buffalo Bayou Brewing, a new craft brewery in Houston. I love that there are so many craft breweries nearby, and I hate that we have only toured/visited one. Having a baby cuts into our already limited free time on weekends. ;-)

Saint Arnold: Near Minute Maid park; short tour; great drinking hall; great, diverse beers
Southern Star: Conroe area; offering happiness in cans, like the delicious Bombshell Blonde; MUST VISIT
No Label: Katy; I know very little, but I know I've sampled and enjoyed a few; MUST VISIT
Karbach: 610 and Mangum; I love that they exist, but so far none of their brews tickle my fancy
Buffalo Brewing: their site isn't fully functional, so I know almost nothing, except that they make very creative, bold, delicious beers; MUST VISIT

UPDATE: My Brazil trip was cancelled/postponed. Boohoo. Maybe another time.

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