Sunday, September 9, 2012

Widmer Brothers Brewing: Citra Blonde Summer Brew

It looks like I caught this seasonal beer on its way out; their site lists its availability as April to August. Good timing!

Eyes: Honey-colored, light pour. The head fizzled out quickly, so I'm anticipating a crisp sip.

Nose: Something about the nose makes me think of mead. I have only had mead once, and I hated it (long time ago, who knows what I'd think now). I always think of it alongside a quote from Neil Gaiman's "American Gods". To paraphrase, it is described as tasting like honey once it's been pissed out. It doesn't sound like a good thing that I'm connecting that to this brew, but the smell is a little more pleasant. Something herbal in the scent as well, which might be what I'm connecting.

Sidebar: My favorite thing with beer (and even more so, wine) is to taste it and think, "Oh, what is that taste? I know it, I know it, oh... OH, toasted marshmallow!" or whatever fill-in-the-blank of flavor. It is fun, and I happen to be pretty good at it. Hubby studies wine and knows leagues more than I do - the man knows his grapes - but sometimes he will ask me to taste something for him because he can't quite place a flavor. I almost always get it. ;-)

Mouth: My aha moment for this palate was basil. It makes me think of lemons and basil. Which, in turn, makes me want a glass of Buffalo Bayou Brewing "Wit da eff", but that is for another time. The mouth-feel is crisp and thin, very refreshing. This is a great summer seasonal and would be perfectly matched with dipping your legs in the pool while noshing on grilled corn or some fresh bruschetta.

I did a little research and went to the site where they list their beers: HOLY CRAP do I need to visit Portland! Check out these amazing options. I will definitely keep my eyes open for this brewery again.

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