Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pumpkin Ale, Buffalo Bill Brewery

I've been wanting to taste a pumpkin ale for quite a while now. I'm salivating in anticipation for Saint Arnold's Pumpkinator, but I thought I ought to "break in" my taste buds to the palate first. So here goes Buffalo Bill.

Eyes: Golden, tawny, almost copper. The head held for a moment and fizzled out quietly.

Nose: Obviously the first thing I smell is pumpkin, though it makes me think more of pumpkin loaf. The flavor profile for "pumpkin spice" always makes me think of Chai, so I pick up on that as well.

Mouth: The mouth-feel is almost creamy, very smooth. Is it pretentious to say it tastes like autumn? I hope not, because that is the most accurate thing I can say. Truly, it makes me think of warm pumpkin bread and a Chai latte on a cool morning... except, you know, it's beer. It is vaguely reminiscent of an amber, though not as much punch on the palate. You definitely get the spices on the back of your tongue, which is really nice for the finish.

The Buffalo Bill site is under construction, but their Facebook site is up and running.
Overall I recommend this, and it makes me even more anxious to try Pumpkinator. Who doesn't love a good craft seasonal?

PS: Don't mind my LSU coozie in the back, there. Tigers kicked butt, so why shouldn't I use it?

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