Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saint Arnold: Winter Stout

Hubs came home from work tonight excited to show me a treat he found at the store: Saint Arnold Winter Stout. "I didn't even know they were making this!" He poured it and I kept hearing him say, "Oh yeah, look at this." I must admit, it is a thing of beauty. I don't generally like stouts, but things change, right? I decided to try a few sips.

This opaque, espresso colored beer has a toffee-colored head that leaves no lacing behind. The aroma floats coffee, burnt sugar and smoke under your nose (Hubs described it as charred, "like charcoal", and I kind of agree, though I smelled more wood smoke).

I always think a beer that looks like that will have a creamy mouth-feel, but it is light and smooth on the tongue. Something about the taste reminds me of the taste in my mouth after smoking a pipe, though I wouldn't compare the flavor to tobacco. There are definite notes of earthiness as well.

I don't love the stout palette, so I don't imagine this is one I will drink often; I'd want a few sips, max. I do feel confident recommending it to those who appreciate a rich stout.

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